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Navigation for runners — Fancy a trip to the Peak District to learn some adventure skills?— More info

28th August (evening)

Trent Park

Group trail runs

Our guided runs are usually 8-12 miles long and always on beautiful english trails.

All routes start at a train station and are easily accessible from London, but anyone is welcome. The pace is social and we always finish at a pub/cafe to cool down.

Sept 22nd Windsor Castle — Coming soon

Evening 10k series

We're taking advantage of the evening daylight and organising a 10k group runs on weekday evenings across June, July & August.

All routes will be on trail and start at London tube stations.

Aug 28th Trent Park — Book now

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27-29th September
Navigation for runners weekend

Peak district

Featured guided trail runs

Evening 10k - Hackney Marshes

  • 10k Series
  • Wednesday 14th August, 19:00
  • 10km
  • 5

An urban tour of East London's best tow paths and marsh paths.

Trail run (14km) + paddleboarding

  • Beginner Intermediate
  • Sat 17th August 2019
  • 14km
  • 25

We are continuing our summer theme of combining running with water — we're off paddleboarding!