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Sunday February 10th

Icknield Way

Upcoming guided trail runs

Jan 26th Greensand Ridge Part 2 (29km) — Full up
Feb 10th Icknield Way, Part 1 (16km) — Book now
Feb 17th Chess Valley (16km) — Book now
Mar 10th Icknield Way, Part 2 — Coming soon

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We organise group trail (off-road) running adventures near London.

Our trips are simple, scenic and easily accessible via train from central London.

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Chiltern Ridge Ultra Trail

Featured guided trail runs

Greensand Ridge

  • Intermediate
  • Saturday 26th January
  • 28.75km
  • 10

Join us for part two of our adventure along the Greensand Ridge trail.

Icknield Way

  • Intermediate
  • Sunday 10th February
  • 16km
  • 10

Explore the 'oldest road in Britain' in part one of our adventure up the Icknield Way.