About us

Group trail running in beautiful locations.

What do we do?

We organise group trail running adventures near London.

Our social trips are simple, scenic and easily accessible via train from central London.

We also work with organisations to promote trail running within woodlands, nature reserve and areas of natural beauty.

This summer we are organising a series in the Forest of Marston Vale for locals in Bedfordshire.

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Day adventures

We organise social trail runs near London, this is normally between 10-12 miles and are for runners who can already run 10km.

We also run a monthly beginners run in Hampstead Heath, for those new to trail running..


Run retreats

Our first run retreat will kick off in autumn 2018 in the South Downs.

We are very excited, click below for an outline of the weekend.


Custom adventures

Tell us your requirements and we'll design a adventure just for you.

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