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A typical adventure

17th July 2018
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Saturday/Sunday - 9:00 (ish)

The adventure starts at one of London’s train stations where the guides will be waiting to whisk you away into the countryside.

It can feel a little bit early to be on the move, so you won’t be alone in feeling a bit sleepy, coffee is recommended but not essential.

If you purchased your train tickets on our website, the guide will have these waiting for you here.

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The train journey - 9:00/10:00

We board the train and relax into a 30-50 minute journey depending on the adventure, you can meet and get to know the the other runners or sneak away for some extra sleep, we don’t mind.

Don’t forget to visit the onboard facilities before we arrive!

Arrival and briefing - 10ish

We arrive at our destination and meet up with any locals that are joining the run.

The guide will allow 5-10 minutes for everyone to get ready and wait for any late comers (unless it’s freezing). We then carry out a short briefing giving a details on pacing, safety, route and where we are lunching after.

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Running - 10ish-12ish

Our runs are social, guided and not a race, so the pressure is off. We recommend you have certain level of running fitness (see our pace guide) but our guides will look after you and adjust the pace to the group, terrain and weather conditions.

There will be a few breaks along the route to help keep the group compact and give everyone a well earned breather.

There will be hills so be prepared to hate running during these points. If the hills are really steep we may hike up and wait at the top for everyone before continuing. It all feels worth it once we're in the pub.

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The finish line - 12ish

The finish line will arrive near a pub/cafe where we have lunch and a drink together to refuel. You are of course welcome to leave at this point, but we would love it if you stayed.

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The departure

After lunch, most likely about 13:30-14:00 we will board a train back into London.

This journey is normally a little quieter and often features many runners opting for a post run snooze.

If you’re sat anywhere near Jahn, he will be providing the entertainment as the IPA goes straight to his head.

What next?

We do it all again, normally every two weeks, always in a different location/route. Join us on the next adventure

Post written by

Chris Bradley

Founder, Runaway Adventures

Chris is an ultra-runner and founder of Runaway Adventures.

He has completed a number of long distance events, most recently the Lofoten Ultra Trail (50 miles) in Norway.

Chris is certified as a Fell/Trail Leader in Running Fitness and is Outdoor First Aid trained.

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