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Runaway Adventures trail guide network

5th December 2017
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In July our first group set off, now five months later we're growing a strong network of trail runners; We'll have completed our 5th event by the end of the year.

As our community expands in 2018 we need to provide the best possible trail running experiences. To do this we're creating a network of trail guides that can provide expertise on the finest routes, hills and pubs to visit.

To begin we are searching for guides that can help us design trail runs in the Chiltern Hills, South Downs, Surrey Hills, North Wessex Downs & Kent Downs.

Trail Guide Responsbilities:

  • Provide expertise and map out routes in your area.
  • Lead group runs, ideally 2/3 year.

Trail Guide Benefits:

  • Guides will receive a percentage of the runner entry fee.
  • Guides will receive a t-shirt and other merchandise as we grow.

If you are interested, join us on our next run or email me at [email protected] .

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Post written by

Chris Bradley

Founder, Runaway Adventures

Chris is an ultra-runner and founder of Runaway Adventures.

He has completed a number of long distance events, most recently the Lofoten Ultra Trail (50 miles) in Norway.

Chris is certified as a Fell/Trail Leader in Running Fitness and is Outdoor First Aid trained.

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