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Why I set up Runaway Adventures

4th August 2017
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Cities were not designed for runners.

Every day in London and cities around the world thousands of people lace up and go running. Most of these people rotate a few familiar routes that they know will meet the needs of an urban setting, that might be a loop round the block or to a nearby park. Whatever the route, there‘s no escaping the constant pressure of traffic lights, road crossings and pedestrians. Runners aren’t more important, but when freedom and rhythm are removed running becomes stifled.

Eighteen months ago on a quiet Sunday morning I boarded a train at Euston, half an hour later I had been transported into the middle of the Chiltern Hills, trees all around. A steady 8 miles through the Ashridge Estate (and a full English later) I was very happy and on the way home.

Ever since then, every couple of weeks I do the same thing, exploring the different trails within an hour of London. Now I have decided to see if there are other runners looking to join me, so I have set up Runaway Adventures.

Right now we are organising one run on the first Sunday of each month. The routes are between 7–10 miles long, are accessible by train from London and most importantly we always finish at a cafe or pub to refuel.

Come get involved.

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Post written by

Chris Bradley

Founder, Runaway Adventures

Chris is an ultra-runner and founder of Runaway Adventures.

He has completed a number of long distance events, most recently the Lofoten Ultra Trail (50 miles) in Norway.

Chris is certified as a Fell/Trail Leader in Running Fitness and is Outdoor First Aid trained.

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