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Our adventures

Simple and scenic guided trail running adventures within an hour of London.

Group trail runs

Join us on a social trail running adventure. All these runs are easily accessible via train from central London.


  • Intermediate
  • Saturday 4th May
  • 15.8km
  • 10

Join us back in the Chiltern Hills for a 10 mile circular run starting and finishing in Goring.

Greensand Festival 2019

  • Intermediate
  • Sunday 26th May
  • 16km
  • 8

We're back at the Greensand Country Festival for a 10 mile guided run around Biggleswade.

South Downs group trail run

  • Intermediate
  • Sunday 16th June
  • 24km
  • 10

Join us on an adventure to the sea-side along the South Downs Way.

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