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Pace guide

Not sure what run you should come on? Read how we label the difficulty of each adventure.


If a run is labeled Beginner

Our beginner runs are for those who want to improve their running and get out on the trails.

The average pace of these adventures are between 6:30-7:00min/km, if your in miles that's 10:30-11:00min/miles.

During these runs we will walk up any inclines and allow time for everyone to catch their breath.


If a run is labeled Intermediate

The intermediate runs are for runners already comfortable running longer distances.

If you can run a 10km in 55 minutes or less, you'll fit right in.

These runs are set on hillier routes. Depending on the hills we will either run up and take a breather at the top, or walk up together and start running again on the flat.

The average pace for an intermediate run is 5:45min/km (9:15min/mile), speeding up a little on the flats and slowing down on the hills.


If a run is labeled Advanced

These trail runs are for more experienced runners. The pace of the group isn't necessarily faster than on an intermediate run, but the route will be more testing.

If you can run a 10km in 50 minutes or less, you'll find these runs enjoyable.


If a run is labeled Training

If a run is marked as a training run, this means we will be running the route at a consistent pace, and with fewer breaks.

These runs are designed to help people training for longer distance races such as a marathon.

If you have any questions about which run is best for you, please send us an email.

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