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Privacy policy

Data we store and what we do with it.

At Runaway Adventures we store very little data about you. Below we outline what data we store and how that is managed.

Data we store

When you sign up for a run we ask each member to provide their name, email address and payment details.

We use Picatic and Stripe to process these payments. You details are then stored inline with GDPR policies and are never shared with any other companies or people.

We will use this data to send you information about the run you have signed up for, and details on future runs, if you have selected this as an option.

On our website we have an email notification form to allow users to recieve updates when new runs are posted. We store these email addresses privately on Mail Chimp and never share these with other companies or people.

Right to be forgotten

If you decide you want to stop receiving these updates there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email. Alternatively you can contact [email protected] and ask for your data to be removed.

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