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For this years Christmas special we're off on a 19km route along the Wandle Trail in South London.

The run takes us from West Croydon to Wandsworth common following the River Wandle.

We will start at 1:30pm to allow us to finish at Belleville Brewing taproom. at respectable time for drinking!

As it's Christmas sign-up is just £5.

  • Date

    Sat 14th Dec, 2019

  • Time

    13:30 run start

  • Distance

    18.8km / 11.6 miles

  • Start/finish

    West Croydon → Wandsworth Common

  • Nearest station

    West Croydon

  • Average pace

    6:00min/km (9:40min/mile)

  • Elevation

    Flat (70m)

  • Group size


  • Bag drop

    No, only bring what you can run with!

  • Dogs allowed



This run has a pacing level of Medium.

  • Average pace

    6:00min/km (9:40min/mile)

During our medium paced runs the lead runner will average 6:00min/km (9:40min/mile)*.

For these runs it's important you have some experience running off road and are confident completing the distance at this pace.

*This pace will vary dependent on the terrain/elevation, so there are times when we go faster, slower & hike.

1 / 5

This run has a difficulty level of 1.

  • Elevation

    70 metres

Level 1 runs are predominately flat on very runnable terrain.

Our difficulty level reflects the amount of elevation you will encounter on the route and a measure of how tough/technical the terrain is.

The Wandle Trail winds its way up through South London along a brilliant set of urban footpaths.

The route starts in Croydon and follows the River Wandle all the way to the Wandsworth.

In total the run is 18.8km (11.6 miles) and is very flat with only 70 metres of elevation change.

If you would like to download the route to your watch or app use the files below.

Meeting points

You can check your route to the meeting point using the links below.

We will be heading to the brilliant Belleville Brewery taproom for our post run Christmas drinks.

If we can reserve an area we will, however we don’t formally book a table as this often requires a deposit/exact numbers. If the chosen pub/cafe is full or busy we will try somewhere else.

Chris Bradley

Chris is the founder of Runaway and an ultra marathon runner.

Read more

Caitlin Jones

Caitlin is an integral part of the Runaway team and has just completed her sixth trail marathon!

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Trail running shoes

Wear appropriate shoes for uneven terrain & muddy conditions!


Carry at least 500ml of water with you.


You're unlikely to forget this but please remember to fully charge it.


Bring an energy gel, bar or some sugar to help refuel during the run.

Running pack or bag

You'll need something like this to carry everything in.


A sun hat for warm weather or a warm hat for cold weather.


In cold or wet conditions please bring gloves.


Carry a small amount of cash, you never know when it will be useful.

Water reistant jacket

We recommend this one from our friends at Aussie Grit Apparel.

If you have a question prior to the event please email Chris or message us through our Facebook page.

If you need to contact us on the event day itself, please call or text Chris on the number below.