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See what other people said about are trail runs!

"Great group!! Enjoyable! Chris, the organiser, knows the trails very well and take good care of the group! Will go again!"

Michele, Surrey Hills 😊

"I've really enjoyed the couple of runs I've been on with you guys - keep up the good work!"

Amy, London 😊

"My first time trail running was with Runaway Adventures, keep up the good work and really looking forward to join more of your runs."

Eka, London 😊

"I was one of the runners run in the Chilterns in November. It was a great way to keep fit, these guys keep a good run pace AND it is a wonderful was to let the mind unwind through the beauty of trails outside of London."

Ali, London 😊

"I joined Chris on his run in the Chilterns in November. It was a well planned route combining the beauty of the Chiltern Hills and the physical demands of the Chiltern Hills! Chris and his team were friendly and set the pace well ensuring that the group were together and allowing time for breaks."

Chris, Surrey Hills 😊

"Best day of running I have had!"

Chris, Surrey Hills 😊

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